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About Us

The Silver Hall of Fame (SHOF) brings recognition to individuals, companies, professions and groups that have made significant historical and ongoing contributions to finding and mining silver and to its many applications as the world’s most intriguing metal of all times. SHOF is owned and operated by Argentum Saloon Inc. a B.C. Canadian company.

The SHOF interacts with which is also owned and operated by Argentum Saloon Inc. SilverSaloon is an active site focused on and interacting with the companies and individuals who are involved in the many ongoing roles in working with this remarkable mineral. This includes coverage of companies and individuals; finding and mining silver; StockTalk - reporting and advising on investing in silver mining companies, silver bullion and coins; interactive site communications; podcasts; features of the many uses of silver; and other items related to this noble metal.

Silver Hall of Fame

Inductee Advisory Board

A board of advisors approves nominees to the SHOF. The next induction of new members will take place at the 2023 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. Nominee suggestions may be submitted by forwarding a recommendation and information on the email form under Contact.

Chairman: Joseph Martin

Mr. Martin is the founder of The and the His career includes involvement with several media titles and companies including Vancouver Magazine, BC Business Magazine, World Investment News, the North American Association of Area Business Publications and Cambridge House International Inc.

Members of the board for the 2023 inductee approvals will be announced, on this site, in the third quarter of 2022.

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