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  • Miners

    Miners are individuals who have been significantly involved in prospecting and discovering mineable silver ore bodies; creating mines, operating mines ; creating technical advances in mining recovery; and other unique advancements which have enhanced silver mining, refining and applications.

  • Photographers

    The invention of silver gelatine based photography changed the world as profoundly as any invention, including the printing press, railroads, airplanes and the personal computer. Silver gelatin media launched photography as a tool of creativity that expanded into a medium that became a powerful component of the world. As with all great discoveries and technological advances, it came from discoveries leading up to its use and the thousands of applications that followed. The Silver Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who contributed to silver’s amazing role in the history of the world.

  • Silversmiths

    Inductees are individuals who are recognized for their creative work in silversmithing. Considered to be a luxury trade it involves the manufacture of flatware (forks and spoons); knife handles (hollowware); bowls; tea, coffee and chocolate pots; serving trays; tankards and cups. It includes silversmiths who created prized jewelry, often for Royalty. Silversmiths are also recognized for their work in creating trophies and award items for single and repetitive individual and group achievements.

  • Scoundrels

    Recognition is given to certain historical individuals or groups that used silver as money for questionable purposes or who used or managed silver or silver projects in illegal manners.

Last Updated on: 2021-06-02