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Our Mission

The Silver Hall of Fame is a site owned and operated by Cambridge House International Inc. Cambridge House is a Vancouver, BC Canada based investment conference management company. It produces several annual conferences including an annual Silver and Gold Summit in San Francisco, CA.

The Silver Hall of Fame serves the silver industry and the public for three fundamental purposes.


It brings recognition to individuals and groups that have made significant contributions to the silver mining industry and to the uses of silver for a wide variety of purposes. Nominations to the Silver Hall of Fame are approved by an independent Board of Governors appointed by Cambridge House. New Silver Hall of Fame members are announced at the annual Silver and Gold Summit. The Silver Hall of Fame was inaugurated at the 2017 Silver and Gold Summit in San Francisco.


It serves as a central catalogue site for internet connections for all things related to silver. This includes historical mines, uses, museums, collections, awards, famous silver rooms, associations, events, books, newsletters - Everything Silver. The site invites input from web browsers to expand content.


It serves as a platform for associated companies offering opportunities to buy and sell silver (and gold); to buy and sell precious metals and coins; to monitor trading prices; to keep informed about companies involved in both exploring for and mining precious metals; to read and view stock investment advisories by industry researchers and analysts; to purchase books and items related to silver through affiliates; and it serves as a meeting location for the interchange of information by viewers of the many things related to silver.

JP Morgan and Silver

Video courtesy of Cambridge House

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