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  • Memorial Cup

    The Memorial Cup (Coupe Memorial in French) is a junior ice hockey club championship trophy awarded annually to the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) champion. It is awarded following a four-team,...

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  • Stanley Cup

    National Hockey League Stanley Cup

    Stanley Cup The Stanley Cup (French: La Coupe Stanley) is the championship trophy awarded annually to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoff winner. It is the...

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  • US - Silver Slugger Award

    The Silver Slugger Award is a prestigious accolade in Major League Baseball (MLB), recognizing the top offensive players at each position in both the American League and National League....

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  • Silver Star

    The Silver Star is a prestigious military decoration awarded to individuals who have displayed exceptional valor and bravery in the face of enemy combat. Established during World War I, it ranks...

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Last Updated on: 2020-07-23