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Santa Ana mine

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The Santa Ana Silver Project is a proposed open pit silver mining project by the Bear Creek Mining Corporation for the Santa Ana silver deposit in Huacullani District, Chucuito Province, Puno Region in southern Peru. Bear Creek's concession to the mine was revoked in late June 2011.

Bear Creek states that 63.2 million ounces of silver (proven and probable mineral reserves) are at the site, 19.7% of the company's total silver reserves. Of these, 16.6 million ounces are proven, and 46.6 million ounces are probable. Bear Creek proposes to operate the mine for an 11-year period during which it would extract approximately 47.4 million ounces of silver. A possible extension of the mining period could bring an additional 35 million ounces, according to company estimates. Mineral reserves constitute 37 million tons of silver-containing rock; within them, the silver occurs at an average density of 53g of silver per ton of rock. Cyanide, a toxin, would be used to separate the silver from the rock.

Prior to regional protests against mining, construction was scheduled for late 2011 with operations to start in 2012. However, amidst protests in May 2011, the company withdrew its staff until at least after the June 5, 2011, election. Further protests led to the revocation of the mining concession on June 25. The company is currently seeking compensation for the closure of the concession through the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

Last Updated on: 2021-05-27