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John Samuel Hunt
Hunt & Roskell

1785 — 1865

Hunt & Roskell, an English firm of manufacturing and retail jewellers and silversmiths, was founded by Paul Storr in 1819, trading as Storr & Co. (1819-22), Storr & Mortimer (1822-38), Mortimer & Hunt (1838-43) and then Hunt & Roskell (1843-97).

After his apprenticeship with Paul Storr, John Samuel Hunt joined the firm as a partner. Storr retired in 1838, and the company changed its name to Mortimer & Hunt. Mortimer retired in 1843, and the firm became Hunt & Roskell, with the addition of Robert Roskell Jr., a former watchmaker and merchant of Liverpool. At this time, the company also included John Samuel Hunt’s son, John Hunt.

Hunt, who had assisted Storr from the start, continued as a partner until his death in 1865 when he was succeeded by his son, John Hunt (d.1879). In 1889, J.W. Benson took over the firm and continued in business as Hunt & Roskell Ltd until c.1965.

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