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Ed Schieffelin

1847 — 1897

Edward Lawrence Schieffelin was an American prospector and Indian fighter best known for discovering the Tombstone silver mine in Arizona. He was born on May 7, 1847, in Aurora, Illinois, and was the son of a prominent family. However, he was interested in something other than following in his father's footsteps as a lawyer and instead developed a passion for mining.

In 1877, Schieffelin set out to explore the rugged mountains of southeastern Arizona, an area known to be inhabited by hostile Apache Indians. Against the advice of others, he ventured out alone into the wilderness, armed with only a pickaxe and a few supplies. Despite the danger, he was determined to find silver in the region.

After several months of searching, Schieffelin finally struck silver in a remote valley named Tombstone. The discovery was a significant success, and the town of Tombstone quickly grew into a bustling mining community. Schieffelin's discovery also brought in a flood of other prospectors and miners who helped to build the foundations of modern-day Arizona.

However, Schieffelin's success was not without its challenges. He had to contend with hostile Apache attacks, which were a regular occurrence in the region. He also had to deal with the lawlessness prevalent in the Wild West during that time. He was known to have been involved in a few gunfights himself.

Despite the challenges, Schieffelin's legacy lives on. Today, a popular tourist destination, Tombstone attracts thousands of visitors yearly. The town has a rich history intertwined with Schieffelin's discovery of the silver mine. Edward Lawrence Schieffelin was a true pioneer who helped shape the American West and will always be remembered as a legend of his time.

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