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Dan O'Connor

1864 — 1933

Daniel O'Connor (31 January 1864 – 30 March 1933) was a Canadian politician, businessman and prospector from Pembroke, Ontario. In the late 1880s, O'Connor moved to Sudbury where he became associated with economy, life and industry, becoming the town's second mayor in 1894. Inn and Ronnoco Hotel.

When O'Connor moved to Temagami, he was hoping to find some mineral prospects. In 1899, O'Connor created test pits in east-central Strathy Township that later became Big Dan Mine, which is named after him. Other mines in Temagami that bare his name are Little Dan at Arsenic Lake and O'Connor near Lake Temagami. O'Connor continued to move northwards where he discovered deposits of gold. On 30 March 1933, O'Connor died in the city of Timmins where he was living with his family. The cause of his death was bronchopneumonia.

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