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John II the Good

In 1526 Tarnowskie Góry in Silesia (southern Poland) was awarded the status of a free mining town, and in 1528, John II the Good, Duke of Opole, issued an ordinance known as the Ordunek Górny, granting the town a series of mining privileges. At the same time a mining authority was also established, its seal and coat-of-arms eventually becoming the town’s coat-of-arms. The Reformation found many…

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Jutel, Kamiya

In 1526 Kamiya Jutei, a wealthy merchant from Hakata, founded the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine in Ōda. In 1533 he introduced a Korean method of silver refining to the mine, which became the Hai-Fuki-Ho method. Historians compared the Hai-Fuki-Ho method to the Medieval European seigerprozess [de] of silver smelting. Under the Hai-Fuki-Ho method, silver-containing copper ore would be cast-smelted with lead,…

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