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Beanland Mine

Historical Mines

Beanland Mine, also known as Clenor Mine, is an abandoned surface and underground mine in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. It is located about 1 km (0.62 mi) west of Arsenic Lake and 4 km (2.5 mi) northwest of the town of Temagami in central Strathy Township. It is named after Sydney Beanland, who first claimed the mine site in the 1920s and was a director for the mine from 1937 to 1938.

Mining operations began at Beanland in the mid-1930s when the Temagami area was the scene of very active prospecting and mining ventures. Gold and silver were the mine's primary commodities. Active mining operations on the site ceased in the late 1930s, but mineral exploration has occurred there periodically since. Mineral exploration at Beanland remained idle from the early 1970s to the early 1990s as a result of a land claim dispute applied by Temagami First Nations. However, exploration resumed shortly after the dispute was withdrawn in the early 1990s.

The mine consists of a 3-compartment vertical shaft, an open pit, lateral workings, a waste rock dump and various structures from pre-existing buildings. Basalt and andesite are the primary rock types at Beanland, forming part of the Younger Volcanic Complex, the site's major geological feature. A zone of deformation intersects the local basaltic bedrock, which is the location of several minerals.


Last Updated on: 2020-06-22