Australia-Golden Grove Mine

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Golden Grove Mine
Golden Grove Mine is located in Australia
Golden Grove Mine
Golden Grove Mine
Location in Australia
StateWestern Australia
Coordinates28°44′41″S 116°56′38″E / 28.74472°S 116.94389°E / -28.74472; 116.94389Coordinates: 28°44′41″S 116°56′38″E / 28.74472°S 116.94389°E / -28.74472; 116.94389
ProductionCopper: 18,467 tonnes
Gold: 47,755 ounces
Lead: 13,300 tonnes
Silver: 3,157,837 ounces
Zinc: 139,900 tonnes
Financial year2008
CompanyEMR Capital
Year of acquisition2017

The Golden Grove Mine is a copper, lead, silver, zinc and gold mine located 52 km south-south-east of Yalgoo, Western Australia.

It is operated by EMR Capital, a specialist resources private equity manager, who purchased the mine from MMG in February 2017. Minerals and Metals Group was formed after its parent company China Minmetals bought the mine from OZ Minerals in June 2009.[1] Golden Grove was part of a deal in which the Sepon, Century, Rosebery and Avebury Mines, the Dugald River, High Lake and Izok Lake Projects, as well as some exploration assets were sold for US$1.354 billion by OZ Minerals to China Minmetals.[2]

The deal, initially including the Prominent Hill Mine, was blocked by the Australian Government, citing national security concerns. Wayne Swan, Treasurer of Australia, stated that Prominent Hill could not be included in the sale as it was within sensitive military area and the sale went only ahead after Prominent Hill was excluded.[3]


The mine was originally owned by Australian Consolidated Minerals Pty Ltd[4] before passing into the ownership of Normandy Poseidon Ltd in November 1991. Normandy, now renamed Normandy Mining Ltd, was acquired by Newmont Australia Ltd in February 2002.[5]

Newmont passed on the mine to Oxiana Limited in June 2005 for A$265 million[6] and Oxiana merged with Zinifex to form OZ Minerals in mid-2008.[7] OZ Minerals had to sell Golden Grove in June 2009 to China Minmetals, like almost all its other mines, when the company was hit by severe financial difficulties.[8]

The Golden Grove mine currently consists of two operations that are 3 km apart, the Gossan Hill underground mine and the Scuddles underground mine, which both produce zinc, copper, lead, silver and gold.[6] The Gossan Hill deposit was first discovered in 1971 and the Scuddles deposit was first discovered in 1979.

In 2008, the mine's revenue was A$266.2 million and had a segment operating result of A$72.1 million[9]

In June 2009, OZ Minerals announced that a trunnion bearing failure on its mill at Golden Grove had put the mill out of service for almost a month, shortly before the approval of the sale of the mine,[10] but operations resumed in July 2009.[11]


Production figures for the mine: 1

Year Copper Gold Lead Silver Zinc
2001[12] 22,249 t 5,356 oz 4,937 t 975,146 oz 77,569 t
2002[12] 19,500 t 10,300 oz 4,937 t 899,500 oz 34,571 t
2005[13] 21,808 t 25,272 oz 4,949 t 2,174,620 oz 70,508 t
2006[13] 10,811 t 49,354 oz 11,458 t 3,005,611 oz 138,817 t
2007[13] 15,404 t 48,807 oz 8,119 t 3,165,408 oz 131,954 t
2008[9] 18,467 t 47,755 oz 13,300 t 3,157,837 oz 139,900 t
2009** 16,658 t 0.9 million oz 2,662 t 818,050 oz 36,375 t
  • 1 January to September 2002 only. **Total contained metals for June–December 2009.



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