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McEwen Mining

Operational Mines MUX:TSE

McEwen Mining is a company formed by mining legend Rob McEwen. In 1990, Rob jumped from the investment industry into the mining industry. By 1993, he had begun a consolidation of five companies that would take eight years to complete. The resultant company was Goldcorp Inc. which has become a gold mining powerhouse. During the last thirteen years of Rob being Goldcorp's CEO, the company’s market capitalization grew from $50 million to over $8 billion and its share price grew at a compound annual rate of 31%.

After leaving Goldcorp he formed McEwen Mining which has a number of projects ini various stages of operation. These include the: - El Gallo silver and gold mine in Mexico's Sinaloa State which produced 55,265 god equivalent ounces (75:1 gold-to-silver ration) in 2016

  • San José Mine in Argentina. Title to the San Jose property is held by Minera Santa Cruz, S.A. ("MSC"), the holding and operating company set up under the terms of an option and Joint Venture Agreement between McEwen Mining Inc. (49%) and Hochschild Mining Argentina (51%), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hochschild.
  • Black Fox Complex - a gold mining operation in the Timmins Gold Mining Camp in Northern Ontario, Canada - Gold Bar - an open pit heap leaching gold mine in Eureka County, Nevada - Several other projects are in various stages of development and exploration in Mexico, Argentina and Canada.
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