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Emma Silver Mine

The Emma Silver Mine is a currently inactive silver mine near Alta, Utah, in the United States. The mine is most noted for an attempt in 1871 by two American business promoters, including Senator William M. Stewart and James E. Lyon, to make a profit by promoting the depleted silver mine to British investors. Origins In the Spring of 1871, promoters Senator William M. Stewart of Nevada, and James E.…

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Englehard, Charles, Jr.

Charles W. Engelhard Jr. (February 15, 1917 – March 2, 1971 was an American businessman who controlled an international mining and metals conglomerate, as well as a major owner in Thoroughbred horse racing. Engelhard made his fortune in the precious metals industry, where he operated a company dealing in platinum, gold, and silver founded by his German American father, Charles W Engelhard Sr. in…

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