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Bear Creek Mining

Bear Creek Mining Corporation is a leading Peru-focused silver exploration and development company with significant leverage to silver prices. Our Corani Project is one of the largest and longest-life undeveloped silver deposits in the world and stands alone by virtue of its substantial base metal credits, location in a mining-friendly jurisdiction and overwhelming community support. Our Santa Ana Project arbitration case will soon conclude and we stand a considerable chance at unlocking value from this asset.

As always, Bear Creek continues to watch for and take advantage of opportunities while being pragmatic and careful with our financial resources. We believe our strategy of focusing on precious metal opportunities in Peru is well-founded; we have a wealth of experience and intellectual capital exploring, developing and operating mineral deposits and mining operations in the country, a deep sense of cultural and environmental sensitivity, and a strong and extensive network of contacts and advisors. We also take comfort in the Peruvian people’s commitment to democracy and a strong and open economy.

Category: Mining Exploration

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